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Custom Talisman Journey


Thank you in advance for allowing me to be part of this next phase of growth and expansion you are embarking on.

This listing is for the opportunity to co-create a talisman specifically designed for your intuitive needs and desires at this moment. 📿 

If you’ve read along this far, you are probably in the right place - and I am beyond excited to begin this journey together.

We will discuss - in-depth or marginally, at your level of comfort - what you are seeking / feeling / leaning towards, and I will craft one talisman as a keepsake, touchstone, amulet — for your journey forwards. These are wild times, and many (including myself) are finding deep solace in old magic, earth energy, and ancient forms of medicine and healing. 🪱

When I say talisman, what do I mean? This is what Merriam-Webster offers:

ˈta-ləs-mən -ləz-
plural tal​is​mans


  • an object held to act as a charm to avert evil and bring good fortune
  • something producing apparently magicalor miraculous effects

💫 This says to me- bring something closer, or push something away. What is it you would like to invite in, or create space from..?

The piece itself will be constructed of recycled sari silk that is specially treated to absorb natural dye, and then hand-twisted into cording- an ancient technique.. and adorned with gemstones that we will decide on together. (Please see pics here for references of similar designs - although yours will be completely one-of-a-kind)

I do ask for one month as a general timeline for construction - although this may vary piece by piece, based on my access to materials, and general life reasons. This is a gentle, slow creation.. an unfurling and opening-up of medicine and magic.. so I thank you in advance for your patience and trust in the process.

This creation and journey is available on a sliding scale of cost, honoring both my time and experience and your financial comfort level - in my attempt to keep deep healing and magic available to as many folks as possible. Please select your price level from the heart, for what feels right for you. 

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to DM on Instagram @sea_ox_designs or @violet_sugar_mama (my secondary account which will be transitioned to more natural dyeing and artwork) or email 

In preparation for this piece, we may communicate over DM or email, whichever works best. 

Many thanks, again, for your trust.. and for the sacred opportunity to pull some magic from the earth for you.

Custom Talisman Journey

Custom Talisman Journey