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Deposit for Custom Crown for @southernmamallama


1/2 Deposit Custom Wedding Crown


Golden Healer Quartz.. I have some tumbled pieces that are very yellow/gold in color - really vibrant energy.. also a few points that are almost clear, very faint golden tinge to them 🌻

Citrine.. stone for prosperity (new beginnings)! Fits color scheme perfectly..

Carnelian.. big Sacral chakra energy — vitality, sensuality, passion.. lovely reddish/orange color 🍊

Green Garnet.. again, stone for new beginnings - grounding earth energy 🌱- Heart Chakra Stone 💕

Labradorite.. picturing pieces with a green flash ⚡️intuition, transformation, vitality 🧡💚


remaining half to be required upon completion - deposit is nonrefundable. Total cost: $325

thank you so much!! Xoxo


Deposit for Custom Crown for @southernmamallama