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Protection Anointing Oil


Please welcome the first offering from our brand new line for ritual goods and skincare - Manifest Daily Rituals…

The base for this sacred creation is organic jojoba oil - deeply infused with wild harvested yarrow and rose. 

Next, we add notes of frankincense, cedarwood, sage, myrrh, bergamot, and rosemary.

All of these botanicals are well-known and revered for their efficacy in boundary setting and energetic clearing / protection, as well as physical benefits for the skin.

Lastly, the oils are infused with raw Black Tourmaline - one of the preeminent stones for this important protection work. 

Use this oil for the face or body, for fragrance, moisturization, and to ensure your space is clear and protected throughout your days.

*Yarrow*- strong ally for boundary work; helping us to establish natural, healthy boundaries while holding gentle compassion for ourselves and others; natural anti-inflammatory, known to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and improve skin softness 

*Wild Rose*- embodies gentleness and strength - as anyone who’s ever gotten pricked by a thorn reaching for a supple blossom can attest; full of antioxidants and minerals, helps clear free radicals and toxins

*Frankincense*- one of humankind’s most ancient, powerful scents- frankincense has been used for protection and ritual since time immemorial; **please note!** this oil is fair-trade and sustainably gathered by co-ops of women from the Samburu tribe of northern Kenya. It is not collected by tapping or damage to the tree, as the Samburu faith in their Nature deity prohibits the harming of trees and all natural creations

*Cedarwood*- historically used for cleansing a space, and protecting against a “hex” or negative energy attack

*Sage*- used to calm and uplift one’s energy, while bringing purification to an energy field / space 

*Myrrh*- similar to frankincense, loved since ancient times for its properties of protection and ritual significance **also sourced sustainably and fair-trade from northern Kenya**

*Bergamot*- has a long history in mystical practices with use for energetic protection and purification; associated with witch’s work 

*Rosemary*- one of the oldest plant allies for use in magic and ritual work— high in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties; also one of the most well-loved herbs for setting healthy boundaries and creating an energy of protection 

Bottles are 1.7 oz and come with a dropper top.

Protection Anointing Oil

Protection Anointing Oil