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Carnelian Raw Crystal Necklace


The Earthy, compelling Carnelian works with the Sacral Chakra, or Svadhishthana... a crucially important center of energy for our wellbeing. The Sacral Chakra governs our emotional balance, sensuality / sexuality, and creativity. It is located below the navel, in the lower belly. People with closed or imbalance Sacral Chakras can often come off as very controlling - as they're literally unable to "go with the flow" of life. Opening and aligning this Chakra so it works in balance with all the others - allows us to truly experience pleasure, to embrace our own inherent creativity, to trust our feelings and senses, and to move throughout the world with a sense of lightness and confidence.

There is a single Amber accent on the chain. You may choose between a shorter length (18" or 20"), or longer style pendant (32") at checkout.

You often see polished or tumbled Carnelian; when I spotted these "raw" pieces I fell instantly in love and knew what they had to be!

**PLEASE NOTE: As these are made to order you may not receive the exact stone(s) pictured, but rest assured each crystal is selected for its unique beauty and energetic potency.**

These one-of-a-kind pendants have gone through a copper-plating process known as electroforming. It deposits a thick layer of copper onto the pendant - which also works to enhance the inherent energetic properties of the stone itself, as copper is an excellent conductor. 

Copper has been worn for its healthful benefits for millennia; copper jewelry dates back to ancient Egyptian times. The absorption of micro minerals has proven helpful in joint stiffness, pain, and inflammation. It has antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties. Plus it's simply beautiful to wear!

I charge every crystal with healing reiki energy, and cleanse it with white sage prior to shipment. It arrives carefully packaged with a protective, hand-crafted blend of herbs and petals.

Raw Carnelian Pendant

Carnelian Raw Crystal Necklace