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You may be finding yourself drawn to crystals - to place around your home, next to your pillow when sleeping, or to wear around your neck... perhaps this has been a life-long love, or a recently acknowledged pull in their direction - and maybe you're wondering why...?

"Although the crystal may be used for "mind to mind" communications, its higher purpose . . . is in the service of humanity for the removal of pain and suffering." Marcel Vogel, Senior Scientist with IBM for 27 years and globally respected quartz crystal researcher

This is not a new phenomenon. Civilizations throughout human history have used stones and crystals for various purposes - shamans, mystics & royalty have all attuned to this power... Amulets made of Baltic amber have been found and dated to 30,000 years ago. Stones were used in ancient Egyptian, Greek, Druid, Tibetan, Chinese & Native American cultures, among many others. They are mentioned in the Bible, the Koran, and ancient Hindu & Buddhist texts.

"It is interesting to note that there are many examples of gemstones meaning similar things to different cultures, even when there has been absolutely no interaction between these cultures, and no opportunity for crossover. Jade was considered to be a kidney healing stone by the ancient Chinese, and also Aztec and Mayan civilisations, turquoise has been worn to give strength and health all over the world, and jaspers have almost always conferred both strength and calm." -

The scientifically unique properties of quartz crystals such as piezoelectricity, energy storage and amplification abilities - cannot be denied, and have helped us create many of our modern tools of technology, such as lasers, optics, computers, communication systems, radio, television, ultrasound and much more.

In our modern world we are only beginning to recall our spiritual relationship to this very important mineral. Quartz creates a resonant field that interacts with the subtle energy fields of our human biology. Quartz can help harmonize and amplify intention. For example, you can meditate on a state of confidence and trusting, and then hold a crystal and use your conscious intent to program the quartz to maintain that frequency of vibration. It will not only hold but also amplify that frequency. The quartz will continue to radiate that state throughout your immediate environment and support your own energetic field. As quartz amplifies, stores, focuses, transmits and transforms energy, it can be programmed with the resonance of what you wish to send out into your world, which will be amplified into the earth's energy field and other realms. When working with quartz keep a clear positive intention, for yourself, others or for the world.

As you develop a relationship with the quartz, the crystal you are sitting with can act as a talisman. It can bring you very quickly in communion with your greater self. It can also be a touchstone for grounding your energy during journeys. Talismans can help you feel whole and connected to a higher guiding energy while you explore new adventures in higher realms.