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Amethysta very powerful, calming stone.. it protects against negative energies, and elevates the vibrations of the wearer to a more spiritual, love-filled plane. It is an excellent stone for meditation, and known for opening up psychic abilities - due to its clearing effect on the Third Eye Chakra.

Aquamarine: The word Aquamarine is derived from Latin, meaning “seawater.” Much like its namesake, Aquamarine has a purifying and tranquilizing effect on our energy field. It has been used for millennia as a symbol for protection, historically dubbed the “mermaid’s stone”. She invites peace of mind, and mental clarity. A stone for the Throat Chakra, it invites us to discover our deepest inner truths, and to assimilate that self-knowledge and intuition into our everyday lives. An intensely detoxifying stone, Aquamarine allows us to rid ourselves of toxic and destructive thinking, behavior, and energy. Its ancient association with the ocean imbues us with a steady serenity, and allows us to access our highest spiritual selves - tapping into telepathic and clairvoyant abilities.

Black Tourmaline in Quartz: Black Tourmaline in Quartz is one of the most protective Crystals you can wear - and I’ve designed these necklaces for everyday enjoyment. Black Tourmaline creates a shield around the aura, blocking negative or toxic energy from attaching to us. The surrounding Quartz Crystal amplifies the protective, grounding properties of the Tourmaline. This is a perfect crystal companion for anyone who: is an empath, or highly sensitive individual.. works around lots of people..
needs protection from electromagnetic frequencies.

Blue Apatite: a very cleansing stone, and brings about feelings of renewal. It works with the aura, clearing away negative, unwanted energies.. and is an effective tool for psychic development. Resonating with the Third Eye Chakra and the Throat Chakra - it allows us to glean deep spiritual insight, and to express that newfound knowledge in our everyday communications.

Carnelian: Carnelian is one of those stones that just stops you in your tracks. It has had this effect on us for millennia. Worn by ancient Egyptians and Romans.. warriors and priests.. supposedly by Napoleon and the prophet Mohammed... this orange-hued form of Chalcedony does wonders for the lower chakras. It lights a fire in us.. inspiring creativity, courage, vitality, sexuality, and passion for life. It is useful in helping us overcome blockages in the form of past trauma, or areas where we hold a lot of fear. 

Chrome Diopside: considered by some cultures to be connected to the Tree of Life, and they would bury their dead with it to ensure reincarnation! 
This feels appropriate, energetically.. as it carries such a restorative, life-giving vibration! It connects to the earth, with a sense of grounding.. and coils up into the Heart Chakra - allowing us to lean into new experiences, and open up to joy which we may have marked as “off-limits” for ourselves.

Chrysopraseworks strongly with the Heart Chakra.. encouraging growth, forgiveness, and feelings of joy. It is connected strongly to the natural world - dear Mother Nature herself - thus fostering our own inner growth. The verdant green hue imbues us with a zeal for life, and a desire to let go of what no longer serves us. Detoxifying and enlivening.. sweet Chrysoprase is a must-have in any crystal collection. 

Dravite: the rare, dark-brown form of Tourmaline— it appears almost black, but one can see a root-beer-colored sheen when held in the light.
Similar to its Black-hued cousin, Brown Tourmaline is incredibly grounding and even works to detoxify one of unwanted, negative energies. What sets Dravite apart is the connection it makes between our Root Chakra and the Heart. While providing a sense of safety and energetic protection, it allows us to explore our emotional side and encourages acceptance of any feelings that emerge. Therefore, I would argue that this rare gem should be counted amongst your “everyday” crystals. The resultant calm and tranquility from walking through life with her by your side should not be missed out on.

Golden Healer Quartz: 
used by crystal healers for their ability to intensify the flow of prana (energy) throughout the body and aura - to promote healing, reduce fear and anxiety, induce a state of deep relaxation and accelerate tissue healing. Golden Healers are said to put the healer and the one seeking healing in touch with the guidance they seek. Golden healers are also said to powerfully energize and activate the Crown and Solar Plexus chakra. 

Garnet: one of the most ancient amulets… Its name is derived from Granatum, which is Latin for pomegranate - due to its resemblance to those juicy seeds. It is a passionate stone.. humming with an intense, primordial energy. It represents love, sensuality, and devotion.. making it a perfect gift for your lover / partner. Or, truly, to yourself. Garnet is also used to manifest creativity! It grounds our feet to the Earth, balancing our Root Chakra.... and allows us to swirl in the ether of our own creative energies. 

Grandidierite: first discovered in Madagascar, and named after a French explorer - Alfred Grandidier - who studied Madagascar.. this teal-hued gem has the reputation of being one of the rarest minerals on the planet. Not much is written about the metaphysical qualities of Grandidierite.. but a few qualities seem generally agreed upon.. many of which I’ve experienced for myself. It is intensely detoxifying for the body and auric field. Like a spiritual vacuum cleaner, it works to just rid us of stagnant, unwanted energy. Although the color indicates it as a Throat Chakra stone, it feels deeply connected to the heart as well. (Of course, as we know, those two centers are very much connected.) It seems to carry all the calmness, tranquility, and peacefulness that these blue/green stones are beloved for — right to the middle of our chest, washing over us with soothing waves of energy.

Herkimer Diamond: originally found in and around Herkimer, NY. They form naturally with this rare, double-terminated (two pointed) shape, and are treasured worldwide for their intensely high vibration and powerful energy. Herkimers work with the highest spiritual vibrations, activating your upper chakras, and attracting angelic presence. They are also said to be especially effective for dreamwork!

Lithium Quartz: You may have heard of, or be familiar with, the drug of the same name — this is the mineral that it’s derived from. It is an antidepressant, among other things. This is, essentially, the energy you can expect from these stones... calming, uplifting - powerful energies but delivered in the gentlest of packages. That’s the real beauty of this gem. It caresses you, holds you softly.. nothing harsh or overly-intense. You may notice, a few days into wearing this healer, that feelings of depression / anxiety have become less noticeable, less oppressive. They work on us softly. How beautiful is that? They also work to clear our chakras and energy field, ridding us of toxic, stagnant energy.. opening us up to more light, openness, and joy. 

Mexican Fire Opal: every bit as vivacious as its name would suggest.. It brings passion, abundance, and creativity to the wearer. It creates a connection to fire spirits - and the powerful renewing energy they symbolize. This multicolored gem is like an electric current - bringing us back into touch with our bodies, sensuality.. our sense of intuition, and adventure.

Morganite: helps us to move past old trauma and pain. It opens the Heart Chakra to light, healing, and the bright possibility of tomorrow. It invites your angels to help in this journey. The gentle, love-filled energies of Morganite are like nothing else.

Phosphosiderite: though soft and delicate in appearance, it is a spiritual powerhouse of a gem. It is THE stone for connecting and working with spirit guides, or guardian angels. This is because of its connection to both the Third Eye and Heart Chakra. 
It puts us in a state of divine love, and allows us to receive messages from the universe. A wonderful companion for anyone seeking to strengthen their clairvoyant abilities, dream recall, or channeling. 

Ruby: a stone of nobility and passion, humming with strong, vibrant energy.. and imbued with a royal history. It is no surprise that it has been so highly valued over the centuries, having been worn by kings and queens, priests and shamans… Ruby has always been associated with love, and activates our lower chakras - Root and Sacral, as well as the Heart. It is said to boost Prana - or life-force energy.. making it an excellent tool for healing - and may bring a renewed sense of adventure or excitement to the wearer!

Ruby in Zoisite: Ruby can be found in the mineral Zoisite, as well as a few others. The “marriage” of these two stones is metaphorical for the unifying energy of this powerful stone. It brings together the head and the heart. Ruby is a fiery stone of passion and intense creative energy - sometimes too much heat can burn us out. Zoisite works to temper that flame.. it encourages moderation, balance, steadiness. It is also incredibly healing - helping us to overcome pain and trauma, so that our joy and creativity can be unleashed. Major Heart Chakra healing here! This stone is the perfect support for anyone on a spiritual journey.

Tanzanite: one of the most valuable minerals in the metaphysical world.. It connects so strongly with the spiritual realm, it is even known as a stone of transformation. Physically speaking, it is the gem-quality blue to violet form of the mineral Zoisite. It is one of the few known trichroic gemstones - meaning, viewed from the right angle, some stones can display three different colors: purple, blue, and yellow. These gems are supreme healers, physically and energetically. They bring the Third Eye in alignment with the Heart Chakra - allowing us to fully absorb and assimilate deep spiritual insights.

Tibetan Quartz: said to carry the energy of Tibet, that most spiritual land, and the esoteric knowledge preserved within it. It is often seen in this "double-terminated" (two pointed) form, which allows an even deeper flow of energy. They say it vibrates with the energy of the "OM" - making it a masterful stone for meditation work, and attuning to ancient knowledge.