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Sacred Selenite Necklace


Cleansing, Uplifting, Sacred Selenite Pendant!

Selenite crystals work to help you to bring light down from the higher realms into the physical body, to create personal transformation. It has a strong vibration that may assist in opening the crown chakra.

These are high vibration crystals that cleanse the aura of negative energy built up, both within the physical and the etheric body. Using Selenite can be powerful for activating dormant abilities from past lives. It has the capacity to take you to the higher realms, which often happens quickly. Also - selenite is often used to cleanse and charge other crystals - so layering this with multiple stones is multitasking - rocking them, and cleansing them, all at the same time! :)

Copper chain is accented with Aquamarine. You may not receive the exact stone(s) pictured - but rest assured each stone is selected for its individual beauty and energy.

You can choose between a shorter style chain (20"), or a longer style pendant (32").

This one-of-a-kind pendant has gone through a copper-plating process known as electroforming. It deposits a thick layer of copper onto the pendant - which also works to enhance the inherent energetic properties of the stone itself, as copper is an excellent conductor. 

Copper has been worn for its healthful benefits for millennia; copper jewelry dates back to ancient Egyptian times. The absorption of micro minerals has proven helpful in joint stiffness, pain, and inflammation. It has antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties. Plus it's simply beautiful to wear!

I charge every crystal with healing reiki energy, and cleanse it with white sage prior to shipment. It arrives carefully packaged with a protective, hand-crafted blend of herbs and petals.

Sacred Selenite Necklace

Sacred Selenite Necklace